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Sinkhole Lecanto Sinkholes do exist

It may be difficult to believe, but sinkholes do exist and sinkhole Lecanto is not unheard of. If you are lucky it could be that you have parked your car somewhere and you come out to see that it has disappeared into a hole. The graver thing could be to be engulfed into a sink […]

Sinkhole Inverness Inverness sinkholes are a reality

Being in Florida, one of the areas where sinkholes are said to be found, sinkhole Inverness is a reality whether you like it or not. Florida is part of the few areas identified by the U.S. Geological Survey along with Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Missouri. If you are a car owner in Inverness, […]

Sinkhole Spring Hill Why Florida is so prone to Sinkholes

To any long time Florida homeowner has one big fear, which is sinkholes. Spring Hill being a part of the “sinkhole alley” it is at most risk for coming in contact with sinkholes. Homeowners are terrified of this horrible natural disaster but may not fully understand why or how they occur. Why is Florida a […]