Sinkhole Hernando Beach Why Sinkholes Form and What to Do If One Forms

Sinkholes are very popular in Florida and among a few other states that are known for carbonate rocks that can be dissolved under the surface. Water from below eats away at ruck until gaps or pits form. The sediment layer that has been on top of the rock deteriorates, cavity can no longer support itself and collapses. This is the most basic and clean cut explanation of sinkholes. Hernando Beach residents know what a sinkhole looks like, and how to spot the signs of an impending disaster on your property, but many do not know how is it they form on the first place.

Are There Different Types of Sinkholes?

Even though sinkholes are all caused by the same process of dissolving away sediment, there are different types of sinkholes. Cover-subsidence sinkholes are usually found where thick, permeable sediment covers limestone or other soluble rock. As the rock deteriorates away underground, the sediment slowly fills in the void. Eventually though, the ground surface will show a circular depression. Another type of sinkhole, Hernando Beach residents should also be aware of Cover-collapse sinkholes. These sinkholes are pretty dangerous because they can happen at any moment, usually after heavy rainfall and long periods of drought. Sediment and other material are quickly swept away, causing the empty hole to collapse.

What to Do if a Sinkhole Forms?

If a sinkhole appears that is directly threatening a house or structure, do not go into the building. Report the problem to emergency personnel as well as to a building inspector, and wait for an inspection to find out if it is safe to return. If the sinkholes are not too big and do not seem to be changing in size, The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has recommendations for filling the sinkhole. Hernando Beach residents should not fill it themselves if they do not know what they are doing. Even though they think they might have fixed the problem, a couple of months down the road the can find out that it was not entirely fixed. There are professionals whose livelihood it is to come out inspect and fill sinkholes properly.

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Sinkhole Lecanto Sinkholes do exist

It may be difficult to believe, but sinkholes do exist and sinkhole Lecanto is not unheard of. If you are lucky it could be that you have parked your car somewhere and you come out to see that it has disappeared into a hole. The graver thing could be to be engulfed into a sink hole while you are driving out somewhere.

Around 20 percent of the Unites States is susceptible to this disaster called sinkholes as per a U.S. Geological Survey.  Sinkholes are said to be most commonly found in Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri and Pennsylvania. It is however possible that they may appear in other places too based on certain factors. So if you are a car owner in Florida, the possibilities of you ending up in a sinkhole Lecanto situation is quite a probable one.

Help is at hand

If your car falls into a sinkhole while being parked, then you are lucky. All you will have to do is call in for help and then assess the damage and take it for repair. If it happens while you are driving, then it may not be possible for you to call for help, though sometimes they are not so bad also. In any case, authorities provide help to assist people in such situations. So you will be pulled out, hopefully one piece and given necessary medical assistance.

But your car may be a different story altogether. It is but obvious that the car may be damaged; slightly if you are lucky and majorly in case you were moving at the time a sinkhole happens to be a really bad one.

Know the possibilities

The best way to handle situations like falling into a sinkhole Lecanto is to ensure that you know what can be done. Especially on the car damages and repair front. Most insurance coverage that is usually taken does not cover such situations. With help from the insurance agencies and other authorized people, you can figure out if a collision claim be applied for.

Your car would most likely be required to be taken to an auto body shop for repair.  So it is important to know if, what and how much insurance coverage is applicable. If you are not sure about your insurance coverage, please make it a point to get in touch with your insurance agent and clarify.

It has been suggested if the car was swallowed up by a sinkhole while being parked, then the claim can be filed under the comprehensive section of the insurance coverage. But it is your insurance agent who would know best and suggest you the options. This applies even for your bodily injuries to self and any other passengers in case it happened while you were driving.

Once bitten, twice shy

Typically, while taking an insurance coverage, we do not normally ask for or think about such extreme circumstances. The general idea is that such things do no happen. However, when one lands up in such situations, then we start wondering about it. While taking an insurance coverage for your car next, check out on the options. It may or may not be worthwhile paying a few extra dollars based on where you live, how old your car is, how much you are willing to spend etc.

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Sinkhole Inverness Inverness sinkholes are a reality

Being in Florida, one of the areas where sinkholes are said to be found, sinkhole Inverness is a reality whether you like it or not. Florida is part of the few areas identified by the U.S. Geological Survey along with Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Missouri.

If you are a car owner in Inverness, the chances of your car getting into a sinkhole accident are therefore real. Sometimes your car may go down a sinkhole while it is just parked somewhere if the area is prone to sinkholes. At other times you may just be driving out somewhere and you may get caught in a sinkhole in the middle of the road. It is a very nasty situation to be in. Especially if you have passengers too along with you, there are chances of grievous injury to self and others.

It is in no way pleasing to find oneself in a sinkhole Inverness kind of situation as you also need to worry about human injuries as well as damages to the car.

Authorities and Insurance

Usually if a car falls into a sinkhole while it is parked, the damages to the car may not be so bad. Also, since there is no human involved, salvaging the damages may be slightly easier. You can call in the right authorities for help, if the car is badly stuck, they will help you out. All you need to worry about is then to get your car into a repair or an auto body shop based on the amount of damage.

If you are yourself part of the accident and stuck in the car that went down the sinkhole, someone else will call for help for you as well as the car. If you or others involved have any grievous bodily injuries, you will be taken for immediate medical attention. The car can be dealt with as deemed fit later on.

Prevention is better than cure?

Can this adage be applied to a sinkhole Inverness kind of situation? Can anyone really avoid being in such a situation or plan to handle it better? The answer is no, it cannot be done that way. You should consider yourself lucky if you or somebody else is not harmed and only the car is damaged.

Car damages can be addressed based on the insurance coverage. Of course, this is not something that normally people look for in an insurance coverage. So you may not be sure if your car insurance actually will cover this cost or not. If you are not sure about this, please call the agent through whom you got the insurance. Most likely there must be some sections which may help you claim for this as well.

Certain times it may be covered under collision section or comprehensive action. The insurance agent will be the best person to guide you and help you through the procedures file your claim. One cannot certainly plan to be or not to be in such a situation. It is just how it will be as in a natural disaster.


The only precaution that can be taken would be to check on such coverage when going in for car insurance if you reside in areas that are prone. You will be the best judge to check if it is indeed worth it to spend few extra dollars to ensure this mishap is covered.

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Sinkhole Homosassa Springs Facts we bet you didn’t know about sinkholes!

Sinkholes are an incredible devastating natural disaster that can ruin people’s lives. They are not something to be messed with and definitely not something that should be ignored. If you are seeing signs of a sinkhole in Homosassa Springs make sure you call us immediately and we can check it out. Even if you are unsure, it is better to be safe than sorry with something that can destroy your home and entire life.

But what are sinkholes anyway?
Sinkholes are an area that begins to cave in due to natural and non-natural occurrences. This can take place under a home, in a parking lot, road and usually takes place in more ‘sandy’ locations.

What are the non-natural occurrences?
Well, it is somewhat of a mixture of the two. A natural occurrence – being the limestone and sand shifting over time and add that with a non-natural occurrence like buildings and other human built foundations. The weight of our buildings and road can add to the already natural occurrence that takes place.

Where in Florida are most prone to sinkholes?
There is this section in Florida called ‘sinkhole ally’ starting at Homosassa Springs and going south down to Palm Harbor. This area is especially bad with sinkholes and the home owner’s insurance rates are usually much higher because of it.

What are some sinkhole signs that a person can look out for?
Some of the best ways to know if there is a sinkhole occurring near and around your home is to check the foundation. If you start to notice that the windows seem crooked or the doors do not shut quite like they used to – this could be a sign. Also, go around your home and check if there are any cracked on the outside or on a sidewalk near your home. These can be warning signs for something big and it is important to have someone come and check it out.

Homosassa Springs and sinkholes kind of go hand and hand. The residents of this small town are aware of this possible danger and know what to look for. Make sure you know the same and always be on the lookout if you live in an area that are prone to such natural disasters.

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Sinkhole Hernando Interesting facts about sinkholes that we bet you didn’t know! 

If you live in Florida and you hear the word sinkhole you instantly feel the fear. Florida has one of the highest sinkhole rates due to its lime rock and sandy foundation. Just like hurricanes, living in Florida and dealing with sinkholes just goes hand and hand. But even if you think you know everything there is to know about this sinkholes – we bet you didn’t know these incredible facts!

Sinkhole alley – Did you know that there is a strip of Florida called ‘sinkhole alley’? It stretches from Hernando County all the way through Pasco County. It an area that has the most sinkholes in the entire state (keep this in mind if you live in this area!)

The cause is not always natural – Although, most of the time sinkholes are caused due to natural cases – humans can actually be a large reason why they start to form. If we continue to build on land that is not able to hold up the structure without prepping it properly it is just bound to happen.

You cannot prevent a sinkhole – Sadly, you are not able to prevent a sinkhole from occurring but if human activity is the cause for the sinkhole Hernando to occur then it can be avoided by really paying attention to what is happening. If you live in an area where you more likely to have sinkhole issues then understanding what not to do in that area is the best way to prevent.

Sinkholes are one of the most destructive of all natural disasters. They are unpredictable and at the same time completely likely to happen in so many different areas around the world. Florida happens to be one of the states with the most sinkholes. Hernando is right on the line for sinkhole alley, if you are living in this area, or any other area along the strip, it is important to check constantly for signs of a sinkhole.

Check around your home for cracks or uneven structural issues. Check your sidewalks near your home and your driveway for new cracks. Be sure to also check inside your home around doors and windows to see if there seems to be thing that are now uneven or not shutting properly. The best thing you can do is pay attention to your surroundings and if you sense a sinkhole is possibly starting on your property then call the sinkhole experts at Sinkhole Titan.

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Sinkhole Spring Hill Why Florida is so prone to Sinkholes

To any long time Florida homeowner has one big fear, which is sinkholes. Spring Hill being a part of the “sinkhole alley” it is at most risk for coming in contact with sinkholes. Homeowners are terrified of this horrible natural disaster but may not fully understand why or how they occur.

Why is Florida a target for sinkholes?

Florida is made up of limestone with sand and clay piled on top. After time passes, limestone can start dissolve and the sand and clay that sit on top start to become too heavy for the dissolving limestone, causing sinkholes.

What starts a sinkhole?

Many different factors can cause a sinkhole to start forming but one of the main ways is for a sinkhole to start forming is heavy rainfall. Another reason why Florida is such a target for sinkholes, with our constant tropical storms and hurricanes, heavy rainfall is just part of the package.

How can you detect if a sinkhole is forming?

Check your property and around it. Do you notice any cracks in the foundation? How about in the sidewalk near your home? Or even your driveway? Is your fence starting to seem lower in a certain area? Do any doors in your home seem to not be closing the same or seem tilted? What about your windows? These are all signs that help you solve the problem before it really begins.

What should you do if you have a sinkhole?

As soon as you start noticing any of these issues and you believe there may be a sinkhole issue, it is important to call professionals immediately. Our company has been helping homeowners with sinkholes near Spring Hill for many years and we have different methods to help save your home.

Some of our methods include:

  • Underpinning
  • Compaction Grouting
  • Chemical Grouting
  • Grout Injection Piers

Spring Hill sinkhole sufferers have trusted our company to help them and, we always delivers! We know this is a scary time and you’re afraid of losing your home. But our promise is to do everything in our power to save your home. Check for early signs of sinkholes and call us as soon as something doesn’t feel right! It’s better to be safe then sorry.

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Sinkhole Brooksville What you need to know about Sinkholes

There is one word that makes every home owner scared beyond words, especially if they live in Brooksville. Sinkhole. That word alone can make the residents of Brooksville, and the entire State of Florida, live in fear. There is nothing like hearing that you have a sinkhole near your home that you have worked hard for. This is your home! The last thing you would want is for it to collapse. Luckily, there are companies like us to help people that are dealing with this horrible natural disaster. We live in a state that is made up of loose, fine sand. This is just asking for our foundation to not be as stable as we’d like it to be.

Some things to look out for when it comes to sinkholes:

  • Are there any trees tilting slightly? Is your fence starting to seep down in one area? These are important warning signs and you should call us right away so we can come to assess the issue before it turns into a huge problem.
  • Are your doors or windows suddenly not closing properly? Does your house seem to feel a little off?
  • After a rainstorm, do you notice any water collecting in areas that they did not before? This can be a huge warning sign, don’t ignore it!
  • Check your nearby sidewalk, drive way, or even inside your home. Are there any unusual cracks forming?

There are endless warning signs that most would not think twice about. These signs are not to be ignored. There is nothing worse than dealing with a sinkhole. Brooksville locals have been calling us, Sinkhole Titan, for many years to handle all of their sinkhole issues. Handling it before it becomes a devastating problem is the best way. If you notice any of the above warning signs, don’t hesitate to call us. We can come and examine your property, and if there is an issue we can possible fill it with grout before it can ruin your home and any part of your land. Don’t let sinkholes take your home!

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Sinkhole Floral City A Look at the Signs and Causes of a Sinkhole

Floral City natives should be aware of the potential risk of a sinkhole, which can damage or destroy your home, causing injury or worse to you and your loved ones. So what causes a sinkhole? And how can you determine if a sinkhole is going to form?

The Causes of a Sinkhole

Floral City and other Florida residents are more prone to sinkholes than residents in some other areas of the country due to the fact that the entire state is situated atop a limestone bedrock. Limestone is a fairly soft stone that dissolves when exposed to mild acids, including those that are found in acid rain and occur naturally in the soil.

Over time, groundwater percolates down through the soil, reaching the bedrock where it dissolves the stone. Underground water flows can have a similar impact on the bedrock. Over time, a cavity or void can form in the stone. If the weight placed atop the void exceeds what the ceiling of the cavity can support, it will collapse, forming a sinkhole and swallowing whatever lies atop.

Can You Detect and Prevent a Sinkhole?

Floral City residents often ask about whether you can detect and prevent a sinkhole and it is possible to both identify and reduce the chances that a sinkhole will form. Underground voids can be detected in a number of ways. One of the first signs will be a change in the ground; typically, a depression will form and a portion of your home may begin to sink, resulting in cracking in the walls and foundation.

The underground voids that form sinkholes can be found using ground penetrating radar and using geotechnical drilling. Geotechnical drilling involves extracting a core sample — a vertical column of earth. The void becomes apparent during the drilling process and when the core sample is extracted.

Once a sinkhole is located, it can be pumped full of concrete to prevent a collapse. This is really only viable for small or medium sized void.

Some voids can be extremely large — the size of an entire city block or larger — and in these cases, it’s typically impractical to fill the void. In this case, any overlaying structures can be reinforced using massive metal “pins” that are driven down into the bedrock and affixed to the foundation of the home or other building. These “pins” offer reinforcement to the structure so even if the ground falls away, the structure will remain stable and intact.

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Sinkhole Citrus Springs Examining How Sinkholes Occur and How to Fix a Sinkhole

Citrus Springs – like every other city or town in the state of Florida – has a higher than average risk of sinkholes. A sinkhole can cause devastating property damage, but there are some techniques that can be used to identify the location of a potential sinkhole. Once identified, sinkhole remediation efforts can be implemented to secure the area before the ground collapses.

What are Sinkholes?

Citrus Springs (and the rest of Florida, for that matter) is situated atop a sandy layer of soil, which sits on a layer of limestone bedrock. Limestone is a fairly soft stone and acid can cause the limestone to dissolve. Rain water can percolate down through the soil, carrying acid from the soil. This disintegrates the limestone and over time, an underground cavity may form. When this cavity collapses, the result is a sinkhole.

Sinkhole remediation companies can locate potential sinkhole sites with relative ease, as over time, the overlaying ground tends to gradually sink and shift (before the dramatic collapse occurs.) This can result in cracks and other damage to a home’s foundation.

This is perhaps the easiest way to detect the presence of an underground cavity that could ultimately collapse to form a sinkhole. Citrus Springs property owners can also utilize other methods such as ground penetrating radar. A probe is pulled over the ground’s surface, sending radar beams down into the ground. The result is a map of the varying densities of earth.

Geotechnical drilling is one of the most economical and effective techniques for finding and remediating possible sinkholes. Geotechnical drilling entails using portable drilling rigs to extract core samples from the earth. While drilling, areas of low density (or no density, in the case of a true underground cavity) will become apparent. Once a sinkhole is located, the remediation team can run a line down into the void, which is then pumped full of concrete. This prevents the cavity from collapsing in the future.

To stabilize a home situated atop a potential sinkhole, large poles can be sunk into the earth, anchoring into the bedrock. These poles are secured to the home’s foundation, providing added stability and peace of mind for the homeowners.

If you spot foundation cracks, particularly on one side of your home or notice that the ground appears to be shifting or sinking in a particular area, it’s wise to consult a sinkhole remediation company. Sinkholes can prove deadly and they hold the potential to destroy your home, but this can be prevented by taking action as soon as you notice any anomalies.

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Sinkhole Citrus Hills The Causes and Dangers of a Sinkhole

Citrus Hills is located in a potentially dangerous region of the nation when it comes to sinkholes. In fact, the entire state of Florida, along with some regions of the American Midwest, is especially prone to sinkholes.

But how do sinkholes occur and what can you do to avoid damage from a sinkhole? Citrus Hills residents can take a number of measures to identify the site of a potential sinkhole and protect against structural collapse and injury.

What are Sinkholes?

Sinkholes form when an underground void forms and then collapses.  Florida is especially prone to sinkholes due to the fact that the entire state is situated atop porous karst limestone, topped with sandy soil. This sandy soil layer is relatively thin in many areas and the water travels through that soil with relative ease due to its low clay content.

Acid rain can dissolve the limestone, serving as a major source of sinkholes. The rain water can also carry the weak acids found in the soil down to the limestone layer, causing further dissolution. The rainy season and times of copious rain — like a tropical storm or hurricane — carry the highest sinkhole risk. This is due to the large amount of water that permeates the limestone, combined with the added weight of the saturated soil (and in the case of porous limestone, saturated stone). This added weight may be just enough to cause the underground void’s ceiling to collapse.

Signs of a sinkhole include gradual (or sudden) shifts in ground terrain, along with cracking in a structure’s walls or foundation. The latter can be indicate that portion of the structure is situated atop ground that’s shifting and moving.

How Can You Locate and Prevent Damage from Sinkholes?

Citrus Hills residents have a couple options for locating underground voids that could potentially collapse, causing a sinkhole. Citrus Hills sinkhole remediation companies can perform geotechnical drilling operations, which can be used to identify any underground voids. The only downside of this technique is that it’s difficult to identify some of the smaller or deeper voids.

Another option for identifying potential sinkhole locations involves ground penetrating radar. These scans evaluate the density of the various underground layers, making it relatively easy to identify voids.

Once a void is located, it can be pumped full of cement, which prevents a collapse. Another technique involves reinforcing the structure to prevent a collapse in the event that a sinkhole does form. One approach uses large poles which are inserted down into the bedrock. The other end of the pole (at the surface) is affixed to the structure and its foundation, providing support even if the ground gives way.

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