Compaction Grouting

A Tried and Proven Methodcompactiongrouting-1compaction-grouting

Compaction Grouting is often used in Florida as a reliable method of Sinkhole Repair. Compaction Grouting is different from other forms of foundation repair in that it is more directly used to deal with underground anomalies, such as cavities and sinkholes.

Compaction Grouting is needed when:

  • Cavities and anomalies exist beneath the structure
  • The soil beneath the structure has shifted or run off with heavy rains or sinkhole activity
  • Loose soils exist below the home or in surrounding areas
  • Cavities or sinkholes exist in areas that don’t have a structure above them, such as: backyards, roadways etc.

History of Compaction Groutingold-compaction

The truth is, various forms of compaction grouting have been around for as long as people have been building structures of any kind. The process has always been essentially the same, inject concrete or a similar material into open areas below structures, it’s worked for hundreds of years, and it still works today. However, modern processes are much more sophisticated and reliable.

Modern Method

Using sophisticated tools such as ground penetrating sonar, we are able to detect the size, shape, and location of underground sinkholes or cavities
with nearly exact accuracy. We will show you the location of any anomalies and recommend a repair method for any that are a direct threat to the safety of your home.

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