Grout Injection Piers

Advanced Sinkhole Repairgrout-injected-piers

Grout Injected Piers are a combination of two different methods of sinkhole and foundation repair, giving you the best of the repair processes. Grout Injected Piers are large diameter, perforated, steel pins are drilled beneath your home until competent lime rock, or solid bedrock is reached. The steel pins are inserted using the same method that you would see in traditional underpins. Once the pin is properly mounted, a sleeve is inserted internally. Once this is complete, compaction grout is pumped into the sleeve, creating a “bulb” of grout at the bottom of the pin, allowing for additional support to the pin. This method is heavily monitored to ensure that any loose soils are properly compacted, ensuring that your home is on a solid foundation for years to come.

Grout Injected Piers are needed when:

  • The structure lies on loose sands and soils
  • The soil beneath the structure has shifted or run off with heavy rains
  • There is not a solid footing for underpins to grab onto
  • Bedrock is too deep to be reached by underpins, and a solid footing is needed to stabilize the home

Modern Method

We locate specific insertion points around the home, and utilizing advanced detection methods, we can target the areas where the most support is needed for the foundation of the home. Our pins are inserted until a pressure is detected that is adequate to support the weight of the structure. Usually this pressure occurs when solid bed rock or lime rock is reached, however sometimes the soil beneath the pin will compact to a point where it will properly support your home. The first few feet of the pier has perforated holes, through which a compaction grout is injected to form a bulb beneath the pier, for added structural support.

This method is the most advanced of the sinkhole and foundation repair methods, if you’d like to learn more about grout injected piers, please call us at 352.593.4141.