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sinkhole repair
At Titan Repair Specialists, we specialize in the repair of residential structures that have been effected by underground activity. We utilize many state-of-the-art methods to give homeowners the assurance that their home is on solid ground.

Here is just some of what we do:

• Grouting
• Underpinning
• Chemical Grouting
• Partial Grouting
• Leveling
• Free Paperwork for repairs
• Onsite Evaluation

Understanding SinkholesSinkhole Repair

You’ve seen them on the news, and on the front page of the papers… But sinkholes are not always catastrophic. In fact, most of the times

Sinkholes are deep below the foundation and can cause shifting in the soils beneath the home. So, while sometimes Sinkholes do result in a structure falling into the ground, most often they are not that dramatic.

The first thing to look for is small cracks in your floors, walls, driveways and sidewalks. If your doors or windows do not close easily, this can also be a sign of a shift in your foundation, and uneven settling of your home.

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Sinkhole Signs To Watch For…sinkhole repair

It’s important to understand Sinkholes, and what to watch for, to better make the decision of whether your home needs repair.
Did you know that your home can be affected by sinkholes that are not beneath your home? Not every home has a sinkhole, but one of your neighbors might, don’t let your home be affected by another person’s sinkhole problem, let us help you out today!
Here are a few signs to watch out for:

• Cracks
This is the most obvious, if you notice long continuing cracks in your tile floors, walls, and driveway you might have a shifting foundation. Closely examine the outside walls of your home for stair step cracks, sometimes these can be concentrated on one particular are of the home.

• Strange Noises
Shifting foundations caused by Sinkholes can cause a home to make some strange noises. If you hear pops, cracks, and rattles coming from within your home, it may be that certain areas of your home are not being supported properly, and that is causing your home to bend and flex.

water leak• Leaks
When a home shifts, pipes and water fixtures can loosen and even crack. If you notice leaks that were never there, it is a good sign that something in your foundation has moved.

• Yard
If you notice dips and uneven ground in your back yard, this can be a sign of a sinkhole. Remember! Your home can be affected by sinkholes that are not beneath your home. Even a back yard sinkhole can be bad news.

• Pools
If your pool is losing water, or is developing cracks, this can be a sign that the earth beneath it is not supporting it properly.

• Driveways
Sometimes driveways crack, sometimes it’s caused by a sinkhole. If you see cracks in your driveway, give us a call.

Sinkhole Repair Methods

• Underpinning
Underpinning is one of the more popular methods of Sinkhole Repair, with this method, the weight of your home is lifted on special piles knowns as “Underpins”. These underpins are inserted deep below the earth until they hit solid ground, or “sub-strata”. This solid ground will act as the new foundation of your home, insuring that even if a sinkhole did occur, your home would be strongly supported by the underpins below.
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• Compaction Grouting
This is the most common form of Sinkhole Repair. Basically, a grout solution is pumped into the solid beneath your home, to fill any and all voids that may exist, whether large or small. Grouting is the best method to repair homes that have loose soil. As grout is injected, it firms up the loose soil and compacts it, while also filling in any cavities that may exist.

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• Chemical Grouting
Chemical Grouting is most often used to repair shallow sinkhole activity. Essentially, a liquid polyurethane is injected below your home. This solution will expand after being injected and firm up all loose soils that may be causing cracks and damage to your home.

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• Grout Injection Piers
Grout Injected Piers are a combination of two different methods of sinkhole and foundation repair, giving you the best of the repair processes. Grout Injected Piers are large diameter, perforated, steel pins are drilled beneath your home until competent lime rock, or solid bedrock is reached.

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