Sink Hole Brooksville What are the Different Types of Sink Holes?

Everyone knows that a sinkhole is bad news for anyone’s property, but did you know that there is actually more than one type of Sink Hole? Brooksville companies that deal with sink hole remediation know all too well that not all sinkholes are created equally. Their formation is based upon on a lands specific stratigraphy, or the different layers of sols and rock below the surface. Cover-collapse sinkholes for example, may develop all of a sudden (over a period of hours) and thus cause catastrophic damages. They occur where the covering sediments contain a significant amount of clay. Over time, surface drainage, erosion, and deposition of sinkhole into a shallower bowl-shaped depression.

What are Cover Subsidence Sink Holes?

Cover-subsidence sinkholes tend to develop gradually where the covering sediments are permeable and contain sand. In areas where the cover materials are thicker or sediments contain more clay, cover-subsidence sink holes are relatively uncommon and therefore may not be seen frequently. They are smaller and thus may go undetected for long periods. When you are dealing with a cover subsidence sink hole, Brooksville residents should be aware that even though dips in the ground have been in your yard forever, they can still can turn out to be a costly repair to save your home from being damaged in the future.

Have you Heard of Solution Sink Holes?

Solution sinkholes occur in areas where limestone is exposed at land surface or also is covered by thin layers of soil and permeable sand. Dissolution of the limestone or dolomite is most intensive where the water first comes into contact with the rock surface. Aggressive dissolution also occurs where flow is focused in pre existing openings in the rock, such as along joints, fractures, and bedding planes, and in the zone of water-table fluctuation where groundwater is in contact with the atmosphere. Solution sinkholes are generally small in size and also slow to develop. When dealing with a Florida sink hole, Brooksville residents will more likely than not have to deal with a solution sink hole.

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