Sink Hole Homosassa Why sinkholes are so common in Florida

Sinkholes and Florida go hand and hand. Although, there are cases of sinkholes in other areas, Florida seems to be a place where they happen the most. Why is that? There are many different reasons why this is. One of the main places in Florida that sinkholes seem to pop up the most is Homosassa. Sinkhole ally is a strip in Florida that starts in Hernando County close to Homossasa, goes through Pasco County and then end in Hillsborough County. This large strip sees more sinkholes than anywhere else in Florida. But why is Florida such a sinkhole haven?

Why Florida?

Florida is made up almost entirely of limestone. After a while the water breaks down limestone and when the weight of the dirt and sand become too much for the nearly dissolved limestone to hold it collapses and a sinkhole occurs.

How many sinkholes a year happen in Florida?

It seems to be rising more and more as time goes on, last year there were about 7,000 claims of sinkholes. There rhyme or reasons why this seems to be occurring more and more but it has taken a huge effect on Florida home owners and home insurance companies. If you own a home on sinkhole alley you can bet to spend a lot more getting home owner’s insurance.

How to check for sinkholes?

If you want to check your property for sinkholes start outside. Look at the foundation of your home, driveway, and sidewalk near home. Check and make sure there are not any puddles of water gathering in your yard that you didn’t notice before. Then check inside. Check the windows, doors, and floor. If you window and doors don’t seem to be closing right, as if they are tilting almost, then this is a raise for concern.

If you notice anything different about your home inside or out it is important to call us immediately. We help people in Homosassa with sinkhole issues often and we can help the issue before it turns into a huge one. Don’t let sinkholes take over your home – call today!

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