Sinkhole Citrus Springs Examining How Sinkholes Occur and How to Fix a Sinkhole

Citrus Springs – like every other city or town in the state of Florida – has a higher than average risk of sinkholes. A sinkhole can cause devastating property damage, but there are some techniques that can be used to identify the location of a potential sinkhole. Once identified, sinkhole remediation efforts can be implemented to secure the area before the ground collapses.

What are Sinkholes?

Citrus Springs (and the rest of Florida, for that matter) is situated atop a sandy layer of soil, which sits on a layer of limestone bedrock. Limestone is a fairly soft stone and acid can cause the limestone to dissolve. Rain water can percolate down through the soil, carrying acid from the soil. This disintegrates the limestone and over time, an underground cavity may form. When this cavity collapses, the result is a sinkhole.

Sinkhole remediation companies can locate potential sinkhole sites with relative ease, as over time, the overlaying ground tends to gradually sink and shift (before the dramatic collapse occurs.) This can result in cracks and other damage to a home’s foundation.

This is perhaps the easiest way to detect the presence of an underground cavity that could ultimately collapse to form a sinkhole. Citrus Springs property owners can also utilize other methods such as ground penetrating radar. A probe is pulled over the ground’s surface, sending radar beams down into the ground. The result is a map of the varying densities of earth.

Geotechnical drilling is one of the most economical and effective techniques for finding and remediating possible sinkholes. Geotechnical drilling entails using portable drilling rigs to extract core samples from the earth. While drilling, areas of low density (or no density, in the case of a true underground cavity) will become apparent. Once a sinkhole is located, the remediation team can run a line down into the void, which is then pumped full of concrete. This prevents the cavity from collapsing in the future.

To stabilize a home situated atop a potential sinkhole, large poles can be sunk into the earth, anchoring into the bedrock. These poles are secured to the home’s foundation, providing added stability and peace of mind for the homeowners.

If you spot foundation cracks, particularly on one side of your home or notice that the ground appears to be shifting or sinking in a particular area, it’s wise to consult a sinkhole remediation company. Sinkholes can prove deadly and they hold the potential to destroy your home, but this can be prevented by taking action as soon as you notice any anomalies.

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