Sinkhole Hernando Beach Why Sinkholes Form and What to Do If One Forms

Sinkholes are very popular in Florida and among a few other states that are known for carbonate rocks that can be dissolved under the surface. Water from below eats away at ruck until gaps or pits form. The sediment layer that has been on top of the rock deteriorates, cavity can no longer support itself and collapses. This is the most basic and clean cut explanation of sinkholes. Hernando Beach residents know what a sinkhole looks like, and how to spot the signs of an impending disaster on your property, but many do not know how is it they form on the first place.

Are There Different Types of Sinkholes?

Even though sinkholes are all caused by the same process of dissolving away sediment, there are different types of sinkholes. Cover-subsidence sinkholes are usually found where thick, permeable sediment covers limestone or other soluble rock. As the rock deteriorates away underground, the sediment slowly fills in the void. Eventually though, the ground surface will show a circular depression. Another type of sinkhole, Hernando Beach residents should also be aware of Cover-collapse sinkholes. These sinkholes are pretty dangerous because they can happen at any moment, usually after heavy rainfall and long periods of drought. Sediment and other material are quickly swept away, causing the empty hole to collapse.

What to Do if a Sinkhole Forms?

If a sinkhole appears that is directly threatening a house or structure, do not go into the building. Report the problem to emergency personnel as well as to a building inspector, and wait for an inspection to find out if it is safe to return. If the sinkholes are not too big and do not seem to be changing in size, The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has recommendations for filling the sinkhole. Hernando Beach residents should not fill it themselves if they do not know what they are doing. Even though they think they might have fixed the problem, a couple of months down the road the can find out that it was not entirely fixed. There are professionals whose livelihood it is to come out inspect and fill sinkholes properly.

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