Sinkhole Hernando Interesting facts about sinkholes that we bet you didn’t know! 

If you live in Florida and you hear the word sinkhole you instantly feel the fear. Florida has one of the highest sinkhole rates due to its lime rock and sandy foundation. Just like hurricanes, living in Florida and dealing with sinkholes just goes hand and hand. But even if you think you know everything there is to know about this sinkholes – we bet you didn’t know these incredible facts!

Sinkhole alley – Did you know that there is a strip of Florida called ‘sinkhole alley’? It stretches from Hernando County all the way through Pasco County. It an area that has the most sinkholes in the entire state (keep this in mind if you live in this area!)

The cause is not always natural – Although, most of the time sinkholes are caused due to natural cases – humans can actually be a large reason why they start to form. If we continue to build on land that is not able to hold up the structure without prepping it properly it is just bound to happen.

You cannot prevent a sinkhole – Sadly, you are not able to prevent a sinkhole from occurring but if human activity is the cause for the sinkhole Hernando to occur then it can be avoided by really paying attention to what is happening. If you live in an area where you more likely to have sinkhole issues then understanding what not to do in that area is the best way to prevent.

Sinkholes are one of the most destructive of all natural disasters. They are unpredictable and at the same time completely likely to happen in so many different areas around the world. Florida happens to be one of the states with the most sinkholes. Hernando is right on the line for sinkhole alley, if you are living in this area, or any other area along the strip, it is important to check constantly for signs of a sinkhole.

Check around your home for cracks or uneven structural issues. Check your sidewalks near your home and your driveway for new cracks. Be sure to also check inside your home around doors and windows to see if there seems to be thing that are now uneven or not shutting properly. The best thing you can do is pay attention to your surroundings and if you sense a sinkhole is possibly starting on your property then call the sinkhole experts at Sinkhole Titan.

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