Sinkhole Homosassa Springs Facts we bet you didn’t know about sinkholes!

Sinkholes are an incredible devastating natural disaster that can ruin people’s lives. They are not something to be messed with and definitely not something that should be ignored. If you are seeing signs of a sinkhole in Homosassa Springs make sure you call us immediately and we can check it out. Even if you are unsure, it is better to be safe than sorry with something that can destroy your home and entire life.

But what are sinkholes anyway?
Sinkholes are an area that begins to cave in due to natural and non-natural occurrences. This can take place under a home, in a parking lot, road and usually takes place in more ‘sandy’ locations.

What are the non-natural occurrences?
Well, it is somewhat of a mixture of the two. A natural occurrence – being the limestone and sand shifting over time and add that with a non-natural occurrence like buildings and other human built foundations. The weight of our buildings and road can add to the already natural occurrence that takes place.

Where in Florida are most prone to sinkholes?
There is this section in Florida called ‘sinkhole ally’ starting at Homosassa Springs and going south down to Palm Harbor. This area is especially bad with sinkholes and the home owner’s insurance rates are usually much higher because of it.

What are some sinkhole signs that a person can look out for?
Some of the best ways to know if there is a sinkhole occurring near and around your home is to check the foundation. If you start to notice that the windows seem crooked or the doors do not shut quite like they used to – this could be a sign. Also, go around your home and check if there are any cracked on the outside or on a sidewalk near your home. These can be warning signs for something big and it is important to have someone come and check it out.

Homosassa Springs and sinkholes kind of go hand and hand. The residents of this small town are aware of this possible danger and know what to look for. Make sure you know the same and always be on the lookout if you live in an area that are prone to such natural disasters.

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