Sinkhole Lecanto Sinkholes do exist

It may be difficult to believe, but sinkholes do exist and sinkhole Lecanto is not unheard of. If you are lucky it could be that you have parked your car somewhere and you come out to see that it has disappeared into a hole. The graver thing could be to be engulfed into a sink hole while you are driving out somewhere.

Around 20 percent of the Unites States is susceptible to this disaster called sinkholes as per a U.S. Geological Survey.  Sinkholes are said to be most commonly found in Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri and Pennsylvania. It is however possible that they may appear in other places too based on certain factors. So if you are a car owner in Florida, the possibilities of you ending up in a sinkhole Lecanto situation is quite a probable one.

Help is at hand

If your car falls into a sinkhole while being parked, then you are lucky. All you will have to do is call in for help and then assess the damage and take it for repair. If it happens while you are driving, then it may not be possible for you to call for help, though sometimes they are not so bad also. In any case, authorities provide help to assist people in such situations. So you will be pulled out, hopefully one piece and given necessary medical assistance.

But your car may be a different story altogether. It is but obvious that the car may be damaged; slightly if you are lucky and majorly in case you were moving at the time a sinkhole happens to be a really bad one.

Know the possibilities

The best way to handle situations like falling into a sinkhole Lecanto is to ensure that you know what can be done. Especially on the car damages and repair front. Most insurance coverage that is usually taken does not cover such situations. With help from the insurance agencies and other authorized people, you can figure out if a collision claim be applied for.

Your car would most likely be required to be taken to an auto body shop for repair.  So it is important to know if, what and how much insurance coverage is applicable. If you are not sure about your insurance coverage, please make it a point to get in touch with your insurance agent and clarify.

It has been suggested if the car was swallowed up by a sinkhole while being parked, then the claim can be filed under the comprehensive section of the insurance coverage. But it is your insurance agent who would know best and suggest you the options. This applies even for your bodily injuries to self and any other passengers in case it happened while you were driving.

Once bitten, twice shy

Typically, while taking an insurance coverage, we do not normally ask for or think about such extreme circumstances. The general idea is that such things do no happen. However, when one lands up in such situations, then we start wondering about it. While taking an insurance coverage for your car next, check out on the options. It may or may not be worthwhile paying a few extra dollars based on where you live, how old your car is, how much you are willing to spend etc.

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