Sinkhole Spring Hill Why Florida is so prone to Sinkholes

To any long time Florida homeowner has one big fear, which is sinkholes. Spring Hill being a part of the “sinkhole alley” it is at most risk for coming in contact with sinkholes. Homeowners are terrified of this horrible natural disaster but may not fully understand why or how they occur.

Why is Florida a target for sinkholes?

Florida is made up of limestone with sand and clay piled on top. After time passes, limestone can start dissolve and the sand and clay that sit on top start to become too heavy for the dissolving limestone, causing sinkholes.

What starts a sinkhole?

Many different factors can cause a sinkhole to start forming but one of the main ways is for a sinkhole to start forming is heavy rainfall. Another reason why Florida is such a target for sinkholes, with our constant tropical storms and hurricanes, heavy rainfall is just part of the package.

How can you detect if a sinkhole is forming?

Check your property and around it. Do you notice any cracks in the foundation? How about in the sidewalk near your home? Or even your driveway? Is your fence starting to seem lower in a certain area? Do any doors in your home seem to not be closing the same or seem tilted? What about your windows? These are all signs that help you solve the problem before it really begins.

What should you do if you have a sinkhole?

As soon as you start noticing any of these issues and you believe there may be a sinkhole issue, it is important to call professionals immediately. Our company has been helping homeowners with sinkholes near Spring Hill for many years and we have different methods to help save your home.

Some of our methods include:

  • Underpinning
  • Compaction Grouting
  • Chemical Grouting
  • Grout Injection Piers

Spring Hill sinkhole sufferers have trusted our company to help them and, we always delivers! We know this is a scary time and you’re afraid of losing your home. But our promise is to do everything in our power to save your home. Check for early signs of sinkholes and call us as soon as something doesn’t feel right! It’s better to be safe then sorry.

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of *Sinkhole Titan*