Sell your sinkhole property for top dollar

Repair you home NOW and Pay us at closing

Don’t sell you home for pennies on the dollar to some investor to make all your profits

If you have an unrepaired sinkhole property and are considering selling your home, consider this your unrepaired property is worth 60%-70% less than its original value. So your $200,000 dollar home is now only worth $80,000 unrepaired at the most, and can only be bought by cash buyers because you CANNOT GET INSURANCE to carry a mortgage on an unrepaired sinkhole property.

Now consider this if you call Sinkhole Titan with the most competitive pricing in the industry and get your unrepaired sinkhole property repaired you can now sell your home for %90 of its original value, and can now accept offers from conventional, FHA, and VA loan buyers, because now the home is insurable because the property is repaired with all documentation you need to pass on to the new homeowner to get insurance to carry a mortgage

This can all be done with ZERO DOWN and we get paid at closing when you sell your home.

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